Saturday, September 10, 2005

Scientists create human embryo without a father

Parthenogenesis also offers the opportunity to grow cells from a woman who is suffering from a genetic disease, so that a very detailed study can be made of the cellular effects of the disease.

To create the parthenotes, immature human eggs are taken, with consent, from women who have undergone sterilization, and then grown in the laboratory.

Around half can be successfully matured this way and then persuaded to divide with a shock of electricity. But only five in every hundred will grow to the blastocyst stage, and then with only half the usual number of cells.

There are no plans to implant the embryos to create a pregnancy, Dr. De Sousa stressed.

Story (emphasis mine)

When I saw this title it popped out, and just screamed scam. Like all these babies that have been "cloned" yet the parents will not allow them to have tests run which would show they aren't clones. Anyway, the title was a bit misleading. As I read it I did worry that now we'd have lesbians moving to Ireland to try and have babies, but from the article it doesn't sound like the researchers are going to try and grow a baby...yet. I'm sure someone will eventually. If you'll notice, it says the o reach the blastocyst stage only have half the number of cells that are usually present. Why? I think, quite simply, because there is no man. It takes a man and a woman to make a baby. (Unless of course you are Mary and we are living over 2000 years ago)

But God's got His hand in it all. If He can confound the languages of the world to stop us from building a tower to the heavens I think He can handle a few people in a lab.

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