Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lil' Kim, a little trip to the Big House

Hundreds of fans and photographers were at the prison, where Ms. Jones thanked well-wishers for their kind words and support.

"Today begins a new saga in my life, which I expect to strengthen me and allow me time for reflection," she said in a statement. "I am blessed to have so many great things in my life: family, friends and God." She said she planned to pray and write music in prison and to "come out a stronger, more confident woman."

"Martha Stewart got the cupcake facility, and Lil' Kim gets the concrete jungle," ... "We're certainly not asking for preferential treatment, but we also don't want her to be treated less favorably. This is an undue hardship on someone who has accepted responsibility for her actions."

An "undue hardship"? Give me a break. Just because someone is famous doesn't mean they deserve to be treated better. They don't want "preferential treatment," but don't want to be treated "less favorably," so what is the standard they think stars should be held to for their jail time?

This woman is supposed to be a role model for America, teens look up to her. Does this mean she should conduct herself in a manner that is fitting for teens to model themselves after? Yes, but since she hasn't done that (and it is my sincere prayer God will use this time to somehow bring her to her knees in repentance and that she would truly come to Him) she can at least take her sentencing and use it to show the fans what can happen when you break the law.

You and I wouldn't ever end up in a place like Martha Stewart, we'd end up in a place like Miss Kim. She could have used this opportunity to warn her fans who are headed down a wrong track about what happens when they continue as they are. But it sure doesn't sound like she's done that.

The outfit for her last night of freedom - a skin-tight, cleavage-baring electric-blue Gucci dress, as well as black Gucci stilettos and a matching purse - were a sharp contrast with the orange jumpsuit she received yesterday.

The picture of womanhood in today's society. Bare it all girls, leave nothing left covered. She isn't the only star to dress like this, and we put these women in front of our daughters as role models and in front of our sons as the depiction of womanhood. No wonder the mall sells clothes that look like something you'd wear to bed with your husband with signs above them that say "50% Off!" and you have to wonder if it is on sale or if they are telling you they have stopped using as much material.

I hope she truly meets God during the next year. She wants to come out a "stronger, more confident woman," I hope she comes out repentant and in submission to Christ. I pray she comes out changed and uses the opportunity to help steer some of her followers away from the cells they may be headed towards. I hope she comes out completely turned inside out and begins living a life worthy of a role model. I wish these stars would stop saying "well, I never asked to be anyone's role model," GET OVER IT, you are. You are famous, you sell millions of [insert a product], you are in front of millions of impressionable people, show them some class.

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