Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What do women want?

In my own experience with women in the thirty years since I graduated from college, I have found that most of them–whether Christian or atheist, single or married, aged twenty or seventy–long for the same things.

In their relationships with men, they want faithful fathers, brothers, husbands and sons who love and respect them, rather than mocking, ignoring, or hurting them. They want fun, but meaningful sexual relationships.

In their relationships with women, they want honesty, and true sisterhood, as well as older women who can mentor them.
Though human promise is not infallible, it is genuinely valuable. We prize those people in our lives whose word is true. We choose friends who are honest about themselves and about life, even if their honesty sometimes reminds us of our own weaknesses. But honesty is not the only criterion for a promise. For a covenant arrangement to take place, trustworthiness is joined by commitment: "I will be faithful to you until death." A man’s trustworthiness is useless to a woman until he makes that promise to her. And his promise is worthless unless it is backed by his trustworthy character.
Source(emphasis mine).
Does Christianity Squash Women?
Rebecca Jones, April 2000
Presented at Bryn Mawr College under the auspices of Greentree Ministries

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