Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Allstate copycat...Sort of

It seems an office in California has decided to disallow an employee's right to display a sticker supporting traditional marriage in his cubicle while allowing others to display religious things in theirs. This raises a few questions. First, what did the sticker say? Secondly, what is the company's policy for allowances of religious materials? And really, if it was a bumper sticker, shouldn't it be on his bumper? But if the company is allowing others to display things that express their stances on religion, politics, or social issues, then they really have no basis for not allowing this.

(AgapePress) - A computer technician in California has filed a lawsuit against his employer after being reprimanded for expressing his support for traditional marriage at work.

The employee at a private Orange County company works at an office where co-workers are allowed to have personal, religious and political messages in their cubicles. But when he placed a bumper sticker supporting traditional marriage in his own cubicle, his supervisor ordered him to remove it. The worker removed the sticker but was still demoted and reprimanded.
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