Thursday, August 04, 2005

Africa, Abortion, and Anesthesia

You know, if I wasn't perfectly aware of what the Bible tells us the future holds I would really begin to wonder what is happening to the world. It is going down the tubes as we speak, er read, at a very quick rate.

We've got "mothers" going out and getting as drunk as humanly possible on the way to the hospital to give birth to their children, we've got Minnesota passing bills that require doctors to inform pregnant women seeking abortions at 20 weeks (5 months) that the baby could feel pain and therefore offer anesthesia to the fetus and that is supposed to be encouraging. Offering to minimize pain as we murder children is "a step in the right direction." We are to celebrate this victory, yet the children are still being murdered. Our country's soil is running red with the blood spilled by these "mothers" and "doctors."

But what the heck right? A woman has a right to choose, after all it is her body and there is no other human involved in that choice right? It's not like the child is human, it is just a fetus. You can't prove it has a soul because it is still in her body and fully dependant upon her, therefore it surely couldn't be considered human. We are killing millions of children a year and those of us that are outraged are called "fundementalists" whose views of the world are so terribly outdated. Everyone has the right to live exactly how they want, and who are we to judge another human being and try to say what is right for them? While our children are dying we have pop stars and movie stars campaigning for Africa's people. They are suffering from lack of food, clean water, they are homeless and poverty stricken. It would be wrong of us to not do everything in our power to make sure they live, yet it is wrong of us to demand that every child has the right to at least be carried to term.

I'm all for helping people, I think helping the poor is a noble cause and I'm glad that people are becoming more aware, but why can't we do both? Why can't we help the third world countries and still protect our unborn children? Are the lives of the Africans, the Asians, or the South Americans more valueble than the lives of our children?

Equal rights for all, so long as you can walk and talk. If you're dependant upon someone for your care we can ignore your rights. If you can't complain who will notice if we kill you off? And if anyone stands up for those of you who cannot speak up for yourselves we will beat them down, tell them their wrong, will do anything to silence them unless they are Brad Pitt. In which case we are all ears, because he and people like him are worth listening to. They are important, they are in the movies after all.


God_dependency said...

Hi Kristina,

what if someone told you you are halluzinating, and that there is no world, that you have brought it with you when you came? That there is no cause for this world in reality, because it is literally inconceiveable? How could the idea of a loving God ever be reconciled with this world? We think we can, because we want to. We use Jesus to justify pain, sickness and death which is all sacrifice in the end. Why? Not because it is justified by what he told us, but because we do not want to listen what he says. He says, don't you know you need to be born again, undergo a complete reformulation of your identity, of your idea of yourself. He demonstrated there is no death, so how could we possibly speak of murder? Because we want to hold on to the idea of an objective world where we are not responsible for what is going on in front of our eyes. But Jesus came back to help us change our minds. There is no death, there is no world. It is of your own making and it does not exist.

Why wouldn't you be glad to hear that this is true? For everyone? To hear that there cannot be gain for one and loss for others, but only gain for all, or seeming loss for all, if you choose this world to be your reality. You are free to change your mind. All power is given you in heaven and earth.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristian,

I am back, because something went wrong with my posting so that you can't see my blogadress.

Thank you,

Fool said...

Hi Kristian,

Sorry, there it was again.
I am back, because something went wrong with my posting so that you can't see my blogadress.

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Kristina said...

How did He demonstrate there is no death? That isn't what He demonstrated, what He did was over come death, He over came the sins of our world.

If you say there is no death, and no sin then how would you justify anything? Who are we to say Scott Peterson was wrong for murdering his wife and child if there is no death and no sin?

Who are we to say Hitler was evil? or Any other person for that matter? If there is no right and wrong and we choose the reality we live in then we have no use for a government and disicplining our chilren would be pointless as well.
If you check back on this do me a favor and check out my post "There is No Right and Wrong with the New Gospel"