Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Last year, I effectively scared myself by working simultaneously on two albums, Travis' and Pavement's. You can't get that much involved in two records at the same time.
Even though I didn't realize it, I was so overwhelmed by the whole recording euphoria. You have to set chill-out zones or it gets unhealthy...
But I've seen so many studio technicians getting completely washed out, unable to take on themselves in everyday life.
For instance, back home I don't have any recording device. It's important to flee, to disconnect. There is a dictatorial side in studios : "You're here to record music, and that's it".

I recently read an article that included that quote. It was an interesting read, check it out. Anyway, I feel that way. Not just about recording, but life in general. You have to be able to draw lines. "This is my work life", "this is my home life", and this what you are reading is my publicized life. I'm trying desperately to learn to separate different aspects of life b/c I'll drive myself and my family crazy other wise.

I so naturally just let things overlap and fuse together it's hard to see where my work ends sometimes. When I'm creative it consumes me, I want to do nothing but do that. Whatever it might be at the time (writing, painting, playing music) and I tend to bring the frustrations of that time with me into everything I do. If things are going well in a certain aspect of my life then everything seems ok, but if something slips and isn't just right it seems like my life comes crashing to a halt. And that's not healthy. My work life in the office should be able to go on no matter what else is falling apart. Eh, I'll get it one day. Or I'll go nuts trying.


pureonyx said...

Hehe. Well, atleast you are going to try! I'm sure you'll find harmony between work and home. The mere fact that you try to, increases your chances, no? :)

Kristina said...

I sure hope so.