Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Five Iron Frenzy Tribute Album

You have just got to love Five Iron fans. Seriously, join Frenzyboard. If only to check out the "tribute album" that is in the works. "My Evil Plan to Save the World" is pretty is "One Girl Army". "Gangsta's Mullet" is perfect, I just hope Coolio doesn't catch wind of the project, I remember him having and issue with an Amish Paradise.

"Spartan" is actually very beautiful. Be sure to check that one out. It's a beautiful arrangement, if the quality was a little better I'd be sending this to radio stations. Who knows, I may anyway.

"You Can't Handle This" by Professor Stephen Hawking (these kids are sick, but clever) is great."Farewell to Arms" by Ficus is insane, think music from the 50s + ska.

For a bunch of kids (kids referencing anyone on the board, a lot of this people are in their 20s.) with computer mics these recordings are pretty entertaining.

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