Monday, April 11, 2005

Our first house

God, is good. There is no way around it. He provides abundantly, even when you don't think something is possible He'll find a way. He always does.

Today, Christopher and I signed our lease on our first house. We've never lived in a house before. We had a little apartment once, but it was really expensive and other than that we've always lived with family. But not anymore...well, not anymore after this weekend. I started painting the living room today, Christopher put up blinds for me, and hopefully Wednesday I'll finish the living room and be able to start on either the dinning room or the bed rooms.

I've chosen a nice tan color for the living room, which will compliment the couch set and carpet nicely once I'm done. As for the dinning room, I think I'm going to take the color scheme I had initially planned for the kitchen and use it there. It consists of a blue, something like a slate grey, and an off white. It looks nice together, very sharp. I'll post pictures once I get the house squared away. I've got some serious plans so don't look for pictures soon. Probably in a month or two.

Needless to say, we are both very excited. William enjoys the space already. I look forward to being able to just sit at home and not have to worry about moving cars b/c I'm blocking someone in, or worrying about if my clothes are going to end up on the basement floor b/c someone needed the washer. Christopher is looking forward to playing guitar loud at all hours of the night and possibly building a recording studio in this neat little room that is in the basement. I just want to make sure it doesn't flood first.

But, yes, God is good. I never thought we'd have the money to move into a place of our own this early in the year. And I was sure that when we finally did get a place it'd be an apartment or a trailer and we'd be paying quite a bit to be on our own. God has provided us with a house, that we don't have to share with anyone, near a park for a price that is well below what we would pay for a 2 bedroom apartment. You cannot beat that. And do you know why you can't beat that? Because God loves us and provides abundantly for us. And I'm not just talking "us" as in my family. I mean "us" as in every person that has ever lived.

Life is good. And it's getting better.

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pureonyx said...

Finally getting a place you can loving ly call your own home..that's great isn't it? It's quite a ways off for me , but I'm getting there :)
Nice colour scheme for the house anyway. Sounds much better than my faded pink walls :D

It's things like these, that you will always remember happily..I hope you have a great time in your new home. Have fun decorating!