Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Kristina and other stuff

Well, I've done it. I now own a domain that doesn't include the words "pest control" in it. I'm kind of excited. I've been doing this for so long on the free servers, but I want my music and photos to have a permanent home. I don't want my thoughts and crafts (how ever horrid they may be) to be lost. Besides my is so much easier to remember than my or

So, one and all, welcome to the age of I hope you hate it.

On a side note: I've been so blessed. I have two wonderful children, a husband who loves me even on my worst days, friends who know just what to say and when not to say anything, and best of all a God who has never left me. I am never alone, and while I may go mad at times wishing for silence I know that there is a reason everything is going on as it is. I know that the craziness that is my life has a purpose, and I can't be more happy about that fact.

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