Monday, March 28, 2005


So here is what I believe. I believe that what I believe matters. It helps define my character. Though I am not perfect. Though I screw up I try. I try to be honest. I try not to swear, I don't nessicarily succed, but I try. I believe that what I do matters more than what some average kid my age does. It matters more b/c I have kids. I have a husband. Every descion I make direct effects 3 people. I believe parents should be held accountable more strictly than non-parents should. I believe more should be expected of parents. I believe that what ever your religion may be, if you are a parent you should set the highest morals possible. People should look at you and want to emulate what you do. That's what children do. They want to be what their parents are, do what their parents do. Or, they will be horrified at what their parents do, and not want to be anything like them.

I am a parent. I should act like one. So should every other parent on the planet. We should be haunted by the fact that our children are watching. That fact should never escape our minds. Even if they aren't around if we are doing shady things it will effect our character and they will see the results. They will live the results of our transgretions.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kristina,

I concur with your 'Beliefs'. And, like you, I am not perfect in keeping my beliefs operative. I would offer, as a comparison, if I were in AA and motivated, I would still be having about one screwdriver per week.

Queen Christina of Sweden offered this: "It is necessary to try to surpass oneself always; this occupation ought to last as long as life."

if you would know more about her.

Michael -

Tim said...

I agree - as a parent we have been given an awesome responsibility to teach a child in the way they should go. We can either choose to be active in that, or just let it happen passively. If we choose the later we probably won't be proud or happy with the results