Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Ideal Bible

I may have mentioned this before, but ESV has released a new Bible with 2 inch lined margins for taking notes. Now, I don't have much experience with ESV simply because I love my KJV, but man! So, this is my ideal bible:

KJV (yes I prefer it)
Words of Christ in red
Center column reference
Topical index
2 inch margin for notes
Maybe some blank pages in back for extra notes?

And to finish it off I'd like a pen and highlighter attached.

If I could find a Bible like that I'd be able to carry a few less things, which would make me extremely happy, and if the pen was attached there would be no way I couldn't take notes. I'm a note taker, so I'm constantly walking around with a pen, a highlighter, and a spiral notebook in hand. Oh well, I'll just have to carry my things, that's good enough for me. But you can bet that if a Bible like that gets released and I get wind of it I'll be going shopping.

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