Friday, July 08, 2005

Allstate Insurance

Recently I have become aware of a news story concerning controversy surrounding Allstate Insurance and their firing of Matt Barber. Matt is a Christian who was employed as a manager in Allstate's Corporate Security Division. While he was employed for Allstate, he wrote an internet article on his own time that was critical of homosexuality. His article was deemed a violation of Allstate's corporate philosophy and resulted in Matt being suspended and eventually fired.

The state of Illinois did an investigation into the matter, and "The State's investigation further concluded that Allstate intentionally chose to terminate Barber's employment for writing the article despite the fact that he engaged in no misconduct whatsoever: "The term misconduct means the deliberate and willful violation of a reasonable rule or policy of the employer…In this case, the claimant's action which resulted in his discharge was not deliberate and willful." This determination, issued March 8, 2005, was not appealed by Allstate." Source.

I suppose Mr. Barber isn't "in good hands with Allstate," which raises the concern of how good those hands are that they would turn on a valued member of their staff so sharply based on an undisclosed "outside agency". And be so unwilling to disclose why he was fired, if in fact they did not fire him for his faith. But they will not disclose it, nor will Allstate disclose who the "outside agency" is, if indeed there actually is an outside agency. I cannot help but wonder if they can't disclose that information because there is in actuality no outside agency.

If you would like to hear a recent radio program concerning Allstate's promotion of homosexual agendas visit VCY America and look for the show from 7.6.05.

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