Saturday, May 21, 2005

The zoo....and email on my phone

So, here's a short update.

I figured out last night that I can check my hotmail account from my cell phone. YAY. I don't feel so naked anymore. I hate not checking my email. Also, (I'm at my mother in law's) someone has managed to figure out my password to said email account b/c I have in my junk mail a bunch of delivery failure notices that are written in German. Weird huh? Chris & his brothers speak German....Makes you think, doesn't it? Anyway, I changed the password (too bad for you, who steal my account! I have ruined your evil plans!) God knows what the emails said, maybe I should have saved them and asked Chris to translate. Oh, well.

Today we took the kids to the zoo. William had a ball. Actually he got a ball, one with wolves on it. Julianne had fun too. William likes birds and cats (ie tigers & lepords)

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