Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It's been a while, babies dipers and Christmas trees

Julianne Elizabeth. Pretty name huh? You should see her, she is by far the most beautiful baby girl that has ever lived. We welcomed her to the world on the 11th this month and haven't slept since. But that's alright, I'd rather be awake with her anyway. Seriously, if you saw her you'd understand.

She has, however, wrecked one thing other than my sleep habits. She's managed to take my beautiful almost 2 year old son and turn him into a little boy. Into a big brother. Before she was born William was my baby. He felt light as a feather and fit perfectly in my arms. Now, he feels as if he has gained ten pounds, though he hasn't, and looks like a little boy. He doesn't actually look different, but my perception has definatly changed. It's really remarkable.

William has, surpringly, not showed signs of jealousy. We were kind of expecting him to have problems with me holding Julianne all the time, but he hasn't. He gives her kisses and hugs, hands me her bottles (granted he steals them from me first, but it's all in good fun) and seems genuinely interested in this being we call "Sissy"

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