Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Late Christmas presents

I bought Chris a cd on amazon b/c I couldnt get the cd ANYWHERE else. The dumb site said it would be GUARENTEED to be here by Christmas eve. It didn't show, but it was ok b/c Chris understood things could have gotten screwed up and delayed b/c of Christmas. Here it is December 29th now and I just checked the tracking number again to see where it was at (2 days ago it arrived in Chicago so it should have been delivered anytime now) and found out they shipped it all the stinking way back to Kentucky! GRRRRRRR

Oh yea and Chris ordered in a seperate shippment my Christmas presents, which were supposed to be here by Chrstmas Eve, the website says they're in route from the local UPS location so I swear if I don't get this shippment I'm never using amazon again

[end vent]

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