Thursday, July 13, 2006

Warren Wants Us to Change the World

I want this blog to get you thinking – and praying – for the coming spiritual reformation in the world, a reformation not of how we believe but a reformation of what we, as the Church, do.
- Rick Warren

You know, I think Bono and Rick could be best friends. ::sigh:: Look, I'm all for helping people, for feeding people, for finding cures for disease, but you know what I'm all about more than that? The truth. Darn that pesky word, TRUTH. God's truth. You know that book, probably a black one stuck in the corner of a dusty shelf that says something about Holy on the front? That's God's word. That is where we, first and foremost, will find our guidance and rulers to line up to. The problem is the fact that is dusty, many people just don't know His Word anymore and because of that they do what is right in their own eyes.

I'd much rather see people reform what they think and believe. Why? Because when you really let God's Spirit open your eyes to His Word, your actions will change. Why do we walk around focusing so much on the outside and ignore the inside? Rick, I'm sure you'll continue right on down this path trying to get people to "do" more, but I think a better start really would be at what we believe, since a large population of the "church" has no idea and have no reason to change because of that painful ignorance.

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Robin said...

I agree. Rick Warren obviously doesn't believe that the Scripture is sufficient, hence the 'consumer' orientation of their so-called worship services.

If the scripture isn't sufficient to bring people to salvation then moralistic preaching increasingly becomes the emphasis. In my opinion Mr Warren can't talk about sin as an offense to a holy God (might offend people) so he must teach people how to be better people.

That is not the offense of the cross that the Apostle Paul writes about in the Bible. We will know God (be brought to a saving knowledge of Him) and know what God desires (be conformed to the image of Christ) only when preachers of the Word preach the Bible!