Friday, November 18, 2005

Are Women Ready for the 'Stud Farm'?

Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss has set out for Nevada with a mission to put a new twist on the world's oldest profession.

Fleiss revealed Thursday that she was joining forces with the owner of the Cherry Patch Ranch, a legal house of prostitution about 80 miles outside of Las Vegas, to create what she called a "stud farm" — the first brothel featuring male prostitutes catering to women...and she planned to charge $250 an hour for their services.

One woman was quoted as saying that she wouldn't go but that she felt the service should be available to women. WHAT?! This, I just thought was great (typed with GREATsarcasmm):

[a] 46-year-old single woman from California, told ABC News via e-mail: "I would never need to visit a male prostitution place because there are SO MANY men my own age and younger who are willing and able to have sex with a woman at the drop of a hat. I know several guys I could call for sex any time I was free. No need to ever pay for this."
(emphasis mine)

There aren't words to describe the issues I have with this. Sadly, it seems sex is no longer something that should be shared with your husband, rather it is a recreational sport. It's really kind of sad, and quite disturbing.

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